Environmental International Society of Odour Managers



First Steps

After the meeting held at the end of the III International Conference about Odour Management in the Environment, that took place in Bilbao, in November 2015, and after some suggestions received by several of the attendees, we believe that it is time to get down to work and start doing the first steps for the creation of this society.


The International Environmental Society of Odour Managers, AMIGO (for its acronym in Spanish), is a non-profit entity with a Spanish-speaking but non-exclusive base in this language, dedicated to promoting and disseminating the importance of proper odour management.


  • Promote, develop and disseminate the importance of the proper odour management.

  • Disseminate among the members the news of the advances in regulations, technologies in the Odour Management field.

  • Organize and/or collaborate in events organization, such as conferences seminars, fairs and specific training at an international level.

  • Participate together with private and public entities in the consultancy and technical assistance when developing new regulations, technical instructions, programs and/or legislation that should be followed in the Odour Management field.

  • Create and manage an open forum among the associateswhere concrete problems can be exposed to search for solutions, encouraging the members collaboration and the work groups creation between the partners in specific projects.

  • Support and guide the affiliates within the limits of the strictest ethical, technical and legal standards in a clear, transparent and coherent way, always looking for the members interests.

  • Generate actions to promote the development of the sector and raise awareness among society and administrations of the importance of Odour Management in the Environment.

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