Corporate Partner

Large organization

Organizations with more than 100 employees.

Registering your Organization as a member of AMIGO gives you the right to 9 representatives nominated on the board of directors.

Large corporation

The odour management field is a vital global activity for taking care of the air quality of the human being. Being a corporate partner of AMIGO allows your company to offer world-class management solutions, qualifying and elevating the experience of the staff as odour management professionals and being part of a worldwide network. Being corporative partner of AMIGO association, will help you to develope as professional and expand your firma internationally.It will also make your company/ organization take a relevant role inworldwide odour management challenges solving.

Benefits of being AMIGO partner:

  • Promote and make your buisness grow
  • Increase the staff skills developement
  • Discounts on events and exhibitions
  • Support the odour management field
Trial duration: 100 dias
Trial price: Free
Duration: 1 year
Price: €1,510.00
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