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The AMIGO Association is starting to take the first steps to create an International Guideline on Odour Management Plans (OMPS) and is looking for volunteers with experience in this field to participate in this initiative. Often, environmental consultants with no previous experience elaborate OMPs without having the necessary knowledge, simply because they do not have a guide on this. At present there are several guides on PGOs in various countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, etc. However, most of these guides refer to specific activities and are only national in scope.

   Among the many initiatives raised at the last meeting, it was proposed to carry out an international guide on Odour Management Plans (OMP). Sofia Teixeria, a researcher in the Air Quality Group of the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering of the NOVA School of Science and Technology, NOVA University of Lisbon works as a consultant in scientific research projects, and she was proposed as convenor to coordinate the work. Sofia has presented the topic of OMPs many times in the past, most recently at the last NOSE conference.

ordenanza   La Asociación AMIGO ha tomado la iniciativa de elaborar una Guía sobre ordenanza municipal tipo sobre gestión del olor que pueda servir de referencia y facilitar los criterios técnicos para desarrollar normativas de carácter local con el objetivo de regular y controlar la contaminación ambiental por olores.

   La presente Guía pretende ofrecer una ordenanza tipo, así como dar unas pautas para la gestión y control de la contaminación ambiental por olores a aquellos municipios que lo demanden. Desde la Asociación AMIGO se buscan voluntarios para desarrollar la primera guía sobre este interesante tema.

premio amigo   At the 39th AMIGO meeting on 6 July 2021 new initiatives were presented.  Among other things, the members agreed to create the AMIGO International Award in recognition of a professional career in the field of odour management or an important development in this field.

   For this reason, it was decided to open the call for nominations for this award, which can be presented in this first edition of the award by members or non-members of AMIGO. The deadline for nominations for this award is 9 September, so AMIGO encourages anyone to submit a nomination.

The winners will be selected by an international jury of odour management experts and will receive their award during a prestigious ceremony that will take place in Bilbao (Spain) on 26 October 2021, after the AMIGO meeting that will take place on the same day during the odour management conference organised by IWA and

   To propose nominations you can use the contact form on this website or contact by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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